It All Comes Down to This

Tom Rodenburg, Staff Writer

This Sunday is one of the most important of the year in the United States. As Americans, we will all come together, open up a can of soda (or whatever you drink) fill our plates with wings, chips, and pizza, sit down and watch. Thats right, this Sunday is Superbowl Sunday!     

On Sunday we will get to watch (for just the 7th time in Superbowl history) the top offense goes up against the top defense in the NFL. The offense being Matt Ryan’s Falcons, and the top defense being Tom Brady’s Patriots. In the past, when this has happened, the top defense is 5-1, with the most recent game between being last year when the Broncos shocked the world by beating the Panthers.

In the Conference championship, the Falcons shocked a ton of people by not just beating the Packers, but by just flat out destroying them and making them look like they didn’t belong, which we all know isn’t true. Even though they had the best offense in the NFL, the Falcons weren’t expected to make it to the Super Bowl because there were questions of whether or not Matt Ryan could actually bring a team that far.

On the other side of the field, the only question out of the AFC wasn’t who would make the Super Bowl, but could anybody actually put up a fight against the Patriots. The answer… no. In both games the Patriots have played in this postseason, they have scored more than twice as many points as their opponents. While this will probably not be the case on Sunday, the question still remains, can anyone stop Tom Brady and the Patriots?

The Patriots though, are so much more than just Tom Brady. As said earlier, they have the top defense in the NFL, and their run game is very good with Dion Lewis being on the forefront of that part of their offense.

The Falcons on the other hand don’t have many secret weapons. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman are amazing players. One weapon that they do have though, is Tevin Coleman. Coleman has had a very solid season and while Freeman is one of the best running backs in the NFL, Coleman shouldn’t be overlooked at all.

This Sunday is sure to be a fantastic game. The Patriots are sure to be in prime form as always… and the Falcons will be there too. So sit back, relax, and have a very happy Super Bowl Sunday… except you Brady!


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license