The Bachelor, Week Five: Okay…That was a Little Yikes

Alecia Sclafani and Rebecca Williamson

This night started out with a major cat fight. Figurative claws were flying everywhere. We were expecting an all-out brawl as Corrine and Taylor went at it. Corrine feels Taylor feels entitled, however us viewers see it as the other way around. *Okay, Corrine grew up rich with a nanny. She probably got everything she wanted. So if anyone is entitled, it’s her.* After their argument, Corrine ran to Nick and cried wolf, saying Taylor is mean to the other girls in the house and she isn’t here for the right reasons. Corrine acted like a five-year-old off camera, however Nick appreciated her maturity and her honesty. He has obviously fallen under her spell. *This angers us to no end.* Corrine is playing very dirty, and she is so satisfied with herself by commenting that she is a “queen” and that she is “#winning.” She will do anything to get that rose. The rose ceremony finally begins, and two women are going home tonight. There will only be 13 women left after tonight. Corinne obviously gets a rose *but it’s probably only for the ratings and Nick’s disgusting sexual attraction to her.* Corrine is extremely ticked off when Taylor also gets a rose. As they make snide comments at each other off camera,we see the other girls start to get annoyed with their drama. Sarah, who sadly gets sent home, felt that she was “overshadowed” because of their drama. On a lighter note, they are now traveling to New Orleans.

The girls are loving their first impressions of New Orleans and their penthouse suites until they get the date card. Rachel is given the week’s one-on-one. She is very excited and nervous as the two of them wander around an outside market. Nick feels great about their connection, and even feels that it is his most “explosive” chemistry yet. *They are so cute together! I’m loving their relationship.* They munch on beignets, party with a big band in the streets, and then go to a concert featuring LOLO. Rachel says she is falling hard for Nick and feels even more comfortable as the date goes on. He even takes her to a place filled with Mardi Gras floats. As they eat dinner, Rachel reveals the last time she was in new Orleans was for a funeral. Nick listens to her as she discusses her family and explains how her Dad, who is a federal judge, is very intimidating. Nick shows more of a sensitive side, and says he felt terrible after asking two fathers for their daughters’ hands and then was rejected by both of them. He wants to make sure he treats all the women right. He also exclaims that he is “super into you [her]” and that their relationship “means a lot to me [him].” He is so sweet to her and so into her that it is no question that she gets a rose at the end of the date. According to him, she is a “total package.” *Could we be hearing wedding bells? They are adorable.*

The next date card is the group date. This information reveals that Corinne and Taylor will be going to the two-on-one. Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimi, Vanessa, Danielle M., Whitney, Jasmine, and Danielle L. are all headed to a “haunted house.” *I’d just like to point out that I certainly believe in ghosts and spirits and such, but to be honest, this entire date seemed completely scripted. The housekeper’s name is Boo? They’re given fancy cocktails before exploring the house? Everything inside of it looks modern? The girl, May, who died at age 8 of yellow fever, is doomed to look for her doll, but the doll is in a glass case…in her bedroom. Yeah, okay.* Either way, the date seemed cute enough. There was no drama for once, which actually made it enjoyable to watch, as cheesy as it was! The girls tried to do a Ouija board reading with Nick, though it proved to be largely unsuccessful. Jasmine was a firm non-believer, but after touching May’s hat that was conveniently resting on her bed and having a bookshelf nearly fall on her, it’s safe to say she’ll be more cautious of spirits from now on. Sadly, Raven didn’t rebuke May in the name of Jesus like she said she’d do earlier. But, she did tell Nick that she fell in love with him after she sang a song from the Little Mermaid. *Okay…that was a little yikes. Quite a terrible slip of the tongue. It’s a little bit early to be falling in love, to be completely honest. He didn’t seem to have a response to that though, which kind of stunk.* Earlier, Vanessa and Danielle M. had asked May to reveal who they thought would receive the group rose, as if she was psychic? Danielle M. ended up getting the group rose after Kristina predicted that someone who had an earlier one-on-one would receive the rose. Maybe she should predict the show from here on out. *I’m predicting she doesn’t win, oops.*

The next day is the much anticipated two-on-one date. On one of these dates, one of the girls is sent to him immediately. Both Corrine and Taylor are confident, but the other women in the house have no idea what will happen. Raven comments it might be a “fight to the death” when the group date card was read. The day before, we were given a glimpse into their preparation for the day, which was a huge waste of time. *The preview shots and the entire date was a waste of time. It could have been resolved in about…five minutes?* But it wasted about a quarter of the episode. *Ugh*. Either way, Corinne tried to prove her “emotional intelligency,” – she asked the cameras if “intelligency” was a word, by the way – by taking a bubble bath, ordering a bunch of room service and continuing to insult Taylor, who was meditating, by calling her “mean,” “not nice,” and “rude.” *These words are coming from a 24-year-old who runs a multi-million dollar company, mind you.* The three venture off into the bayou, full of alligators and mosquitoes, Corinne wishing the Taylor would reside permanently with the alligators, who she calls “a big mean swamp monster,” and “calculated and analytical,” while she claims she’s “more colorful.” *What…?* She also says some nonsense about her butt not belonging in the swamp while gesturing towards it. While Taylor is being read by a Voodoo princess tarot card reading layd, Corinne takes the chance to expose Taylor for being mean to her and bullying her. When Taylor gets the chance to defend herself, she doesn’t even do that, she just tells Nick that Corinne doesn’t know what emotional intelligence was. Quite honestly, it does paint her as a bit of a bully. Taylor has spent every ounce of her screentime complaining about Corinne rather than speaking about her feelings about Nick or the dates she was on. Truthfully, she formed no connection with him. During all of this, Corinne asks the tarot lady for a Voodoo doll, which is a bit odd, and is told by the card reader that she needs to shut her mouth before it all blows up in her face. *Really can’t wait to see that happen if I’m being honest.* The two then brawl about who was lying and who was being disingenuous. Corinne whines like a baby because she claims Taylor wouldn’t be her friend because of her lack of intelligence. Taylor points out that she never said that and Corinne twisted her words, which she now feels are accurate. After their pointless bickering, Nick then reveals that he is sending Taylor home. While Nick and Corinne run off together out of the bayou, Taylor stays behind to receive some sort of cleansing from the priestess, while her off-screen confessional is her talking about how she’s the water sign. *Is that some deep statement you’re trying to impress everyone with? Newsflash, you’re just as crazy and delusional as Corinne.* Taylor then uses her magical water sign powers to show up at Nick and Corinne’s date after she received the rose, which is where the episode cut off.

To be honest, we could have done without the pointless bickering. It made me like Nick even less. I’m not saying he had a solid relationship with Taylor, but the one with Corinne isn’t anything special. It’s based off makeout sessions and whipped cream. It has zero substance, and Nick would be a fool to continue this childish relationship. *Because I obviously have a ton of experience in serious relationships, and my opinion totally matters.* That sounds brutal, but they have different aspirations and goals, the only thing they seem to have in common is their enjoyment of kissing one another. Not once have they shared an insightful conversation like some of the other women have, and it’s getting frustrating to watch absolutely nothing. At this point, Corinne, “#teamcorn,” has been completely dragging and I’m tired of seeing her make up words on television while other women are mainly unproblematic and there to make the best of the situation. They’re all a little cady, but who wouldn’t be when you’re competing with a dozen women for one guy? This drama needs to end and it needs to end now. Ugh.

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* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license