Dale’s Diary: P.S. I Love You Day

Dale, Staff Writer

Dear Diary,

On Monday, February 6th, I got to visit Howitt Middle School and perform at an assembly about P.S. I Love You Day with my friends. I even got to hug and high five them at the beginning of the assembly, which was awesome because there were a lot of Dalers in the house!  The more Dalers, the more Daler love!

For the assembly, the Student Government Association explained to the students the meaning of P.S. I Love You Day and how people could achieve kindness and make a person feel better about themselves. For example, lend a paw for those in need of help or even just give compliments. I was so delighted when I got to dance onstage with SGA to the song “Juju On That Beat.” I got to bust out my new moves in front of everyone. The crowd was wild and enthusiastic and the bright lights gave me a flashback to football season (which, by the way, I miss terribly). However, I was so pumped for February 14th because Farmingdale High School came together to celebrate P.S. I Love You Day. The best part about P.S. I Love You Day was that it was celebrated on Valentine’s Day! I was so ready to show off my purple shirt to all my friends! Also, SGA and the Key Club put post its on every student’s locker. The goal of these post-its was to cheer students up with nice sayings. My post-it was so nice and made me so happy the rest of the day because it said that I am important! You can see the love in the the air that was spreading throughout the hallways of Farmingdale High School!




         A.K.A. The Lion  



* Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Grant