The Bachelor, Week 9 (Part 1): “This is Every Parent’s Nightmare.” – Mr. Osborn

This week opened up to Andi Dorfman visiting Nick in his hotel room. This has been something that’s been previewed a few times, as if it was a scandalous encounter between the two. It was anything but, and fairly anticlimactic. It’s clear as day that the producers had sent her to rile things up a bit, though she claims she was just dropping by to see “what’s up.” Nick admits that he could potentially dump 30 women. *Dude. If this is your fourth time on the show and you’re not with anyone… I’m sorry, but it’s you, it’s not them!* Nick is then questioned about the fantasy suites, and Andi tells him that he should get intimate with all three women, definitely! Nick brings up her sleeping with him when she didn’t love him, which makes things go a bit sour. After an apology, they end the awkward encounter and Nick heads for the rose ceremony in New York.

After Andi’s words of wisdom, the rose ceremony finally begins. The women stand there in slinky dresses and large coats in the winter weather of New York as nerves overcome them. *Did anyone see how much skin Corrine’s dress showed? She must have been freezing!* Off camera, the women each plead their case about why they want to stay and how much they care for Nick. When he finally emerges from the hotel, Nick stands before the final four and expresses how much he cares for all of them. Raven and Rachel are called first, leaving Corrine and Vanessa awaiting to hear who gets the final rose. After a very long pause, Vanessa gets the last rose. Corrine bursts into tears as Nick walks her out. He says off camera that their relationship did not progress as much as the others. *This is true. Their relationship was purely physical. However, it is sad watching her cry over a man she thought loved her.*

After the nerve wracking rose ceremony,  Nick sweeps his final three to Finland for the Fantasy Suite/ Overnight dates. His first date is Raven. The two share a romantic helicopter ride overlooking scenic views before ending up in a local bar playing darts and eating. After their fun bar night, Raven is stuck contemplating two things. The first is she wants to tell Nick that she loves him. She shares her love for him in such a beautiful way that has Nick tearing up. The second is she also wants to talk to him about her past encounters with her ex. Apparently, their hometown version of the overnight fantasy suite wasn’t all that exciting for her… Anyway, after she confesses her feelings and frustrations with intimacy in the past, the two ultimately decide to head to the fantasy suite together. One out of three nights in Finland complete!

Sadly, this week ends before what happened overnight was revealed. Next week will be the rest of Raven’s date as well as the other two. It is also the night of the much anticipated women tell all where all the women return to speak their minds about Nick and each other.