Opinion: Are Tattoos Worth it?

Dyandra Allen, Staff Writer

You know that really good tattoo idea that you’ve been psyched about but haven’t gotten yet? Yeah, that one! The one you’ll get whenever that obstacle dissipates. It could be age, money, time or maybe finding a good artist. Or maybe it’s doubt. Are you doubting yourself? Have you thought about whether or not you’ll truly want this tattoo forever? Don’t get me wrong, tattoos can be beautiful, impressive, and emotional. Maybe it’s not even your own doubt. Maybe it’s the whispers of the people around you; the side-eyes, the blatant judgments, the poorly concealed reproach. Whatever it may be from, maybe the tattoo won’t be as bad as we’re led to believe.    

Most parents definitely say you will regret them. They were young once. They understood the desire to express yourself through any means. However, they’re also older now. They have the life experience and maturity. They have copious regrets too. Thus, their fear is not without reason. Tattoos are (mostly) permanent; you’d want to pick something you know you’ll want for a long time. Not to mention that visible tattoos make getting a job difficult due to stigmas. DeAnne Mullet, mother of two teenagers, says, “I think tattoos are tasteless. Plus, bodies and skin change over time and my tattoo looked worse each year,” reports TeenLife. Honestly, who wouldn’t be worried for their child’s future? Nevertheless, I was surprised when, according to a 2008 Harris Poll, 83% of people with tattoos do not regret their decisions. In the ones that do feel regret, 20% say it was because they were too young when they got a tattoo. I like the possibility being there. That despite all the hate, there’s hope that this won’t be just an “immature” decision.

The world feels stacked against you when you go against the social norm. But if you want a tattoo, and you’ve thought it through, go for it. Troy Pallitto, who wanted a tattoo from the age of 16, states, “My tattoos tell the story of my life. I love how they look, and I love what they mean,” as reported by TeenLife.

Tattoos are more than just ink and regret. They’re art and stories. They’re magical and are more than meets the eye. They’re individuality. At the end of the day, this is your body and your choice. I, and parents alike, only ask that, at least, you think it through.

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license