Thespian Honor Society

Samantha O'Donnell, Staff Writer

Farmingdale High School has recently opened a chapter of the Thespian Honor Society, a theatrical honor society which recognizes the achievements of students involved in all aspects of theater. The Farmingdale Thespian Society will hold an induction ceremony later this year, officially inaugurating the society.

The Thespian Honor Society, also known as the THS, has many different chapters in different schools. The THS for each school is given a troupe number and is led by a troupe director. Farmingdale is fortunate enough to have Ms. Gina Pantina, Playcrafter alumnus and director of the annual straight shows, as our troupe leader. Ms. Pantina pushed for the initiation of this society, and she has demonstrated her dedication to theater everyday by helping her students and beloved Playcrafters be the best thespians they can be.

So, what exactly is the Thespian Honor Society, and how do students benefit from it? The  Thespian Honor Society offers recognition from an internationally known honor society, which “lends additional stature to students’ honors and the program as whole in the eyes of the school, community and colleges,” according to the Thespian Honor Society official website. This society also offers students the opportunity to showcase their successes in the theater community by providing induction ceremonies, honor rank advancements, college scholarships and awards, and even invitations to perform at state and national venues. The society works through a system of points; for every show you participate in, you receive a certain number of points which you must maintain to remain a part of the troupe. There are also many leadership opportunities within each troupe. The society can elect troupe officers that will work with the troupe leader to keep the troupe organized and on task.

Farmingdale Senior and board member of the THS, Josh Warshauer, loves being a member of this society and believes that only good can come from having a theatrical based organization that is nationally recognized at our school. He says, “THS is important because, like other clubs, it’s important to praise people who are dedicated and passionate about something and deserve to be honored for something they show so much pride for.”

Every single member of the Farmingdale THS troupe has a love for theater in either the technical or performing aspect. We hope to continue the growth of theatrical clubs and even classes at Farmingdale with the support of the community and our peers. Theater education is important, and now we have an official honor society!