Carnivale: A Fiesta For Four

Dyandra Allen, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas or Halloween. Carnivale, of course! Four languages and cultures (French, Italian, Spanish, and ASL) gather together to celebrate their cultures and food. The foreign language honor societies threw a party complete with a buffet, balloons, face paint, and a DJ. As the crowd quickly trickled in from 5PM, the party became increasingly loud and exciting. If the crowded dance floor was any indication, the party was a success

I arrived promptly at 5 o’clock to find a small crowd already there. It was sparse, but more than I guessed. The DJ was set up and playing popular songs like “Side to Side” as more guests arrived. All the newcomers were able to grab the food while it was still warm. A buffet, comprised of mostly Italian dishes, ranged from chicken alfredo to giant meatballs and salads. The desserts consisted of chocolate covered croissants, cake and, the everyday go-to, Oreos. It was no surprise the lines were long. While I personally would have preferred a more diversified buffet, there were a lot of options considering allergies and food restrictions.

I roamed the Commons for a majority of the party. While many students were sitting, for me, the dancing was the real fun! With the classics — “The Cha Cha Slide,” “Cotton Eye Joe,” “Cupid Shuffle,” and “The Macarena,” of course — playing, everyone was having fun on the crowded dance floor. With the classics came multiple games since we’d already been tricked into standing. I participated in a stressful game of Coke and Pepsi, and realized that I no longer knew how to hula-hoop (9 -year-old would me would be so disappointed — I was the hula-hooping champ).

“I’m having a grand old time,” remarked one student before they began singing “Bad and Boujee” in Carnivale spirit. And personally, I can’t wait for Carnivale next year!  The school spirit coursed through the air with the students dancing,, singing, talking, playing games, and just generally enjoying themselves.