Getting Creative

Grace Brosnan, Staff Writer

There’s a place in school where you’re allowed to be as creative as you want to be. You’re not judged for your ideas or shamed for what you write. You’re allowed to be yourself in a small classroom of students who have the same passions as you. It’s amazing how much a group of writers and one amazing teacher can really make you feel safe when you’re sharing your ideas.

Creative Writing is an elective for students who have a passion for writing. It’s a period in the day where they can take a break from their busy schedule and be able to express what their feeling or thinking in words, whether it would be a simple taxonomy lesson to kick off the new unit, or a lesson in writing the most elegant poems. In Creative Writing, like most classes, there is a new unit for each quarter. To start of the year, Mrs. Paladino, the Creative Writing teacher, had every student write a memoir about a specific memory. Each memoir was creative and really conveyed something important about each person in the class. No one was judgemental of anyone’s story and everyone clapped when they were finished reading. Gianna Ventiere comments about the memoir project, “I loved writing about a memory. Looking back at something important to me and bringing all those feelings back was really exciting, as well as sad.” In the second quarter of the course, Mrs. Paladino had us writing poems. The poetry unit affected each student differently. The unit resulted in mixed feelings but ultimately positive reactions. Opening up your creative side to rhythmic lyrics is both exhilarating and tranquil when you put them in an order that really makes you feel something.

The scariest part of the class is having to present your work if you are afraid of public speaking. Speaking in front of a group of people can be intimidating, but it’s one of my favorite things about the class. In general,  I hate having to read in front of a class. My cheeks turn into two tomatos and I stutter all my words. But Creative Writing is different. You are not forced to go up to the podium to read your work. Mrs. Paladino is a very understanding teacher that will help you prepare and calm your nerves. But reading your work aloud and being able to share what you wrote is also such a rush. It might take me a few tries to start reading, but when I do, I don’t stop. The class if very understanding when it comes to presenting. “I have horrible stage fright when it comes to presenting, especially when it comes to my own work. But when I presented in front of the class, they made me feel safe and secure. I had nothing to be afraid of,” says Jacqueline Hilbert.

Mrs. Paladino is a wonderful teacher who pushes you to do your best. She is very thoughtful, understanding and knowledgeable when you need help. So who should join this class? “Anyone student who likes to write or would like to write something different than a traditional academic essay,” says Paladino. Creative Writing is a wonderful class that could really make you explore your creative side. Mrs. Paladino says what is expected of you in this class is “to write and enjoy it on a level (you) might not have experienced before. The expectation is a certain level of enjoyment of writing that isn’t always readily available in the traditional English classroom.”  

Creative Writing is a wonderful elective that thrives on being creative. It’s an excellent class that praises your strengths and doesn’t dwell on your weaknesses. It’s a rare class that actually feels like a safe community. Writing is difficult when you have to share your pieces with strangers. Creative Writing doesn’t make you feel insecure and uncomfortable. It makes you feel free.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license