FHS Pops

Rebecca Williamson, Editor-in-Chief

Just like in previous years, students, parents, and Farmingdale teachers and staff gathered on Thursday, March 30th, to watch talented friends or family members perform in the Pops concert. This year, it was packed with tons of singing and dancing. There were even numbers that used various band and orchestral instruments. Although it may have seemed like a giant talent show, the Pops concert has so much more meaning to it than watching someone belt the latest pop hit. The concert is a unique way to raise money and awareness for a certain charity. This year, the money was raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

This year, Tri-M advisors Mrs. Claire Zatorski and Mrs. Barbara Lieberman sat down with their board members to pick a charity. “We have a discussion and usually we get some input from the board,” Mrs. Zatorski said. “We chose the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention because we felt it was a cause that was incredibly important. The AFSP has set a goal to reduce the national suicide rate 20% by 2025, and we wanted to take part in hopefully making that goal a reality. Also, as performers we have the power to share our passion for what we do with the world, and if we can benefit those who are struggling with depression or other mental illnesses, that makes what we do even more important,” senior and Tri-M board member Laura Keim said. The rest of the concert was planned in advance. “…The rest of the planning is really set beforehand because we set the schedule ahead of time. We just have to do the auditioning process and pretty much set up the auditorium. The planning really happens the year before when we are setting the dates for the concert,” Mrs. Zatorski exclaimed. After picking the charity of the year, it’s time to head to the auditions, which board member and senior Helena Rhein thought were amazing. “Well, being on the board, I got to watch ALL the auditions, even the ones that unfortunately didn’t make it. But I still got to witness all the acts/talent in the school (and there’s so much!) which was an experience I’ll never forget,” she said.

This year’s performers gave quite the show. “I loved Pops Concert. It was a really great and positive experience. I loved working closely with my fellow board members and putting together a show that made people happy. However, I think one of my favorite moments was our finale, “Tank” from Cowboy Bebop. It was such a vibrant and energetic piece that made everyone leave smiling,” Laura said. The packed house added to the excitement of the night. “Pops is all about using music to bring people together to support a great cause. We raised so much money for suicide prevention and the whole event couldn’t have gone any smoother,” Helena said. At the end of the show, Mrs. Zatorski, Mrs. Lieberman, and the Tri-M Board were ecstatic to announce that the event raised over 900 dollars for suicide prevention. The 2017 Pops concert was a success. Let’s hope next year is just as amazing!