Power Rangers: Excellent Balance Between Edgy and Cheesy?

Greg Petralia, Video Editor

It seems that everywhere you look nowadays, there’s a new reboot movie coming out. These reboot movies try to take a story of some kind from the past and turn it into a modern re-envisioning. While doing this, the story can be changed to make it seem like this is something that can happen in present day, or they simply remake the movie to adjust to the new way movies look now thanks to the evolution of technology. Look at 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, a reboot movie that used the same story of the original 1990’s movie, it was simply refilmed using real people and the magic of CGI.

Power Rangers took the two things that make up a reboot movie and made something that was pretty great in the end. Lionsgate & Saban Brands teamed up to make this new reboot movie and made this feel like a modern, edgy version of the cheesy 90’s show, while also remembering that this franchise came from cheesy and campy roots. Power Rangers still wants to be able to be a little more mature while also still have that cheesy factor in mind. This movie wants to be able to keep up with the edge that modern superhero films have while also keeping the cheesiness it’s known for. The wants to have a story that is similar to the original yet still edgy and having characters that feel like real teenagers, which the show lacked. The movie faces a very difficult obstacle and has to ride a fine line carefully so it doesn’t sway off onto the too childish side or the too edgy side. It needs to stay in the middle and keep balance. And it does so wonderfully.

The movie is able to create a story that is somewhat believable without the sci-fi portion of it. The film follows the story of five teenagers, who have never crossed paths, that are chosen to defend the planet from an alien threat by learning how to connect together as a team.

The movie also creates characters that feel real. The characters are real teenagers dealing with real life modern teenage problems, and each of them are very memorable in their own way. Jason, the Red Ranger, was the town’s all-star quarterback that hit rock bottom after making a huge mistake. Billy, the Blue Ranger, honors his late father by following in his footsteps and even talks to him throughout the movie. Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, is dealing with the guilt of sharing an inappropriate picture of her friend to the school. Zack, the Black Ranger, is just living his life to the fullest to keep his mind off of his sick mother because he realizes he may be all alone soon. And Trini, the Yellow Ranger, has a problem socializing with others and dealing with the burden of coming out to her “picture perfect” family. Even Zordon and Alpha 5 have a place in this film that makes sense. Alpha is the ally to the Rangers and helps them train and maintains their Command Center in the absence of the Power Rangers on Earth. And Zordon was the original Red Ranger, who is now forced to act as the mentor to the new team.

Nothing in this movie feels forced. The blend of edginess and cheesiness works somehow in that it all feels natural. This movie knows when to be serious to get the story going but it also knows how to be funny and have fun with itself. The film isn’t even afraid to play with the audience’s emotions once in awhile. During this movie, your emotions can go from happy to curious to sad to happy again to having the time of your life to sad again because it’s over. That’s why it’s so entertaining. You will be so invested all the time, there won’t be a point where you will be bored.

Overall, Power Rangers earns a 9/10 stars for me. The only flaw is that there wasn’t a whole lot of fighting early on in the film; however, the non-stop third act fight scene made up for it. Power Rangers is such a fun movie that will just make you feel happy, whether you’re watching the Rangers fight or even just watching them come together as a team and as friends.