Review: How to (Un)cage a Girl

Juliet Munoz, Staff Writer

Don’t you just wish you had instructions or maybe even directions to guide you through life? I sure do… it would make decisions easier to make. But if you really think about it, we do. Books can act as our guides, especially books like How to (Un)cage a Girl, by Francesca Lia Block. They can sometimes open our eyes in a situation that has given us tunnel vision. Sometimes we see what we want too see or we are too busy looking at our pasts, and books can open up our eyes. In my opinion, that should be important and more appreciated than it often is.

I’m gonna just throw this out there… I’m a huge fan of poetry. To simplify things for you: I love writing that has deep meaning. It gives off so much emotion and I  love figuring out what the writer is trying to reveal. Books like How to (Un)cage a Girl have character and purpose. One of my favorite parts of this book is


Choose to believe in your own myth, your glamour

your own spell, a young woman who does this

(even if she is just pretending) has everything…


I can picture what the author is trying to tell readers. The author is discussing what a young teenage girl goes through in a world of judgement, depression, and loneliness. The book reflects a world where young girls face issues that either build their character or breaks it, and even at the age of being categorized as women, those issues increase and their decisions become more and more important.

My favorite poem would have to be “A Myth of Love for Girls.” This is my favorite because it explains the love a daughter has for her father, even if he was never around enough for her to really know how it feels to have a father. I know many girls that don’t have fathers; either they’ve past or they simply don’t want to take the responsibility of raising a child.The author goes into details that touch my heart, and I guarantee you, it will touch yours. So go read How to (Un)cage a Girl… you won’t regret it.