North Korea

Sebastian Parente , Staff Writer

“All Hail Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un,  he is the best and greatest leader.” Those are not my words, but words that Koreans are forced to think in order to avoid death and other punishment.  For years, the North Koreans have been an increasing threat to the rest of the world especially, the U.S.A.  The hotheaded and young leader of this so called democratic country has been an increasing “threat,” that is if you believe the blasphemous claims Young Jong has made.

Nuclear War has been a topic on  hand for many years and with every passing day, this seems more like an inevitable event.  People from within the country think of Jong-un as a reckless, baby like leader, who has no repercussions for what his actions may cause.  “He would wage nuclear war even if he knew it would mean finishing himself and harming the North Korean people,” says a former state propaganda artist.  And since the Trump presidency has started, people from both North and South Korea and the United States have been eagerly awaiting to see what Trump does in response to the arrogant leader and his goals.  

In North Korea the people are becoming more educated of the outside world and are beginning to question  why they cannot live like those around them.  This has the North Korean government heated; if they cannot control their people, they may seek revolution with help from outside forces.  The North Koreans have claimed that the U.S. seeks to destroy North Korean capital, Pyongyang and in response to this, North Korea’s military commander, Jong-un said the White House would be “reduced to ashes” and bragged that “the days of the U.S. are now over.”

In the southern half of the Korean peninsula, newly elected President Moon Jae-in has not eliminated plans of working with the juvenile leader of the country to the north.  Could this see Moon Jae-in talk some sense into Jong-un, or is it because he favors talks with North Korea compared to the U.S.?

Now finally, in our homeland, we will not stand for any act of aggression caused by the so called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  The Trump administration has started sending troops over by water to keep an eye on the Korean peninsula to make sure nothing happens.  We all hope Jong-un is all talk.  


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license