Lady Dalers Varsity Softball

Annakate Dickinson, Staff Writer

The Lady Dalers Varsity Softball team came out with a bang this season,  defeating Hicksville in their first league game on Friday, March 24th with a score of 7-0. The girls were pumped up for the first league game of the season and wanted to walk out with the win and that is exactly what they did. You never know what you are walking into when you play a team for the first time in the season. Teams lose great players and they also gain many great players as the years pass. This year, the Dalers softball team consists of many talented players. These girls have been preparing and are working their hardest to win another county championship.

The softball team is in Conference AA-II with an overall record of 11-4. The girls have two losses to Baldwin and Calhoun. Losing to Baldwin on March 29th showed the girls that they needed to play as a team and work together. After they lost, they went on a seven game winning streak. The girls have been playing their best when they are enthusiastic and everyone is playing together. “We have been playing the best when there is high energy and everyone is off their feet and cheering. Leading in first place for conference champs right now I think we are going to make it far in the playoffs,” said Captain Theresa Desantis. With the girls being in first place in their conference, they are expected to make it a long way through playoffs. “I feel that we have a very strong team this season. We have to shake off our four losses and forget they ever happened and just play the game how we have been playing it since we started the season and throughout our seven game winning streak. The Daler train has taken a couple stops but now we keep on rollin’,” said junior Chrissy Hassett.

The girls beat Port Washington with a score of 10-1 on May 1st, and it brought them back on their feet and gave the team more confidence. The Dalers also have one of the best pitchers in the league, Chrissy Hasset. Only a tenth grader, Hasset is one of the top pitchers in the league, pitching at 58 mph and still progressing.

The girls have been working hard all season, but unfortunately fell short of their goal, losing in the playoffs. While this was a disappointing end of the season, these Dalers have nothing to be ashamed of.


* photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography