The New Face of Farmingdale

Erin Byrnes, Staff Writer

There is one baseball field with stadium seating and dugouts. Adjacent to this baseball field is a new softball field also with seating and dugouts. Near the baseball fields is the aquatic center where competitive swimmers can compete but also where community members can relax in the community pool. Where is this all located you ask…This can be the new face of Farmingdale.

According to Paul Defendini, the Assistant Superintendent for Business, the idea started with wanting to renovate the pool at the high school. With it being 50 years old, the project would take a lot of time and money, leaving many teams with no space to practice. However, the pool was only the beginning of an idea for a new plan for Farmingdale. The project would start in the spring and take two years to complete. The complex would be open only to community members because their tax money would have gone directly to the project. In addition, all the schools in the district would be renovated in addition to the big plans at the middle school. Here at the high school, the track and turf field would be redone as well as all the grass fields. There would be outdoor bathrooms and a new press box.  If you want to see the amazing plans, head over to

So how much will this cost the taxpayers? Back in 2001, the kindergarten wings in each of the elementary schools were renovated and cost the taxpayers an extra $133 a month in taxes. In 2021, all the debt from that project will be paid off, and the new sports project would begin. If the bond passes, Mr. Defendini states that the taxpayers would pay $62 a month starting in 2021. At the end of the day, people could be saving $133 to have none of these plans, or saving $71 to have it all. So make sure you head on down to Howitt Middle School on Tuesday, October 25th from 6AM to 9PM to cast your vote for the 2016 bond!