Say Yes to the Dress!

Alayna Camisa, Staff Writer

Farmingdale High School’s Prom took place on April 22nd. Leading up to the event, the ladies had been going crazy to find the perfect dress. However, for some that the perfect dress might not have been affordable. And this is where the Prom Fairies came to the rescue with Say Yes to the Dress!

Farmingdale High School has a program for female students who cannot afford prom or banquet dresses. This is the second year they are running this program. The program has provided help for approximately 50 students. Say Yes to the Dress provides free prom dresses, banquet dresses, jewelry, and shoes. There are four racks filled with a variety of different sizes and styles. Ms. Verre and Mrs.Vega, the wonderful women who are in charge of The Prom Fairies, welcome students in need for dresses, shoes, or jewelry. “One of the social workers last year came to me with the idea and I wanted to help,” says Mrs. Vega, a social worker at Farmingdale High School. She feels that Say Yes to the Dress shows how great our community truly is, because so many people are willing to help other people feel great.

The “shop” was set up for two days in the guidance office and was also opened on March 1st, so students could bring their parents or guardians. The program is always opened for any girls who are interested in getting a dress. The only thing you would need to pay for would be the fitting of the dress. The dresses are donated from students and bridal stores. Students can take as many dresses as they want. You can keep the dress or you can donate it. A student at Farmingdale High School says, “This is my second year attending Prom Fairies. This program is very welcoming. Mrs. Vega and Mrs.Verre are always there to help the girls find dresses and jewelry to match. They also give honest feedback. I would definitely go again to Prom Fairies to see the different styles they provide.”

Everyone deserves to look and feel good, and the Prom Fairies have once again displayed that as Dalers, we are always here for each other.