Prom 2017

Grace Brosnan, Staff Writer

For eight months, there was only one thing everyone talked about. It was always the topic of conversation, the chatter in the hallways, and the reason you got in trouble for talking in Math class. It was the thing little girls dreamed about when they were younger and little boys dreaded because it required them to get dressed up and slow dance with someone. It’s the one day the whole grade gets together and can celebrate junior year. You can take a break from final exams, APs, or homework and relax for a night. On April 22, 2017, the day everyone had been waiting for arrived. Prom.

It might have rained but still the night glimmered in wonder. Villa Lombardi’s was an exquisite venue for Prom and even added to the magic of the night. The space was open, the scenery was aesthetically pleasing, and the floor was perfect for dancing. Ms. Jones and Mrs. Timpano, the Junior class advisors, did an absolutely stunning job with this year’s prom. They put in a lot of effort to make the night as perfect as it was and it really showed. “I don’t think prom could have gone any better. Planning it and seeing it all come together was so nice. It couldn’t have been done without our advisors, Mrs. Tampano and Mrs. Jones and the other officers,” says Katie Norton, one of the junior class’s representatives. Along with our advisors putting in a lot of effort, our class officers put in so much time as well. Catie Brabant, Junior Class President, Sophia Badalamente, Junior Class Vice President, Stephen Mckenna (Secretary), Brittany Pham (Treasurer), and Katie Norton (Class Rep) put in a lot of time and held many fundraisers (along with the Junior Student Council) to make sure this Prom was perfect and they deserve recognition for their work. Everyone that put effort into making Prom 2017 as lovely as it was did a wonderful job and should be proud of the outcome. “Prom was seriously so much fun and definitely lived up to my expectations. I loved it,” says junior, Olivia Curry.

Between the music, the food, the dresses and the people, prom really was a night to remember. Most kids have been waiting for this one night all year and it truly lived up to everyone’s expectations. The night was fun, dazzling, and exciting and I wish I could relive it.