Netflix’s “13 Reason’s Why”

Erin Byrnes, Staff Writer

Seven tapes, 13 sides recorded, numbered with blue nail polish. Each of the 13 people listening have instructions; listen to them all and pass it to the next person on the list. She warns from beyond the grave that if the tapes are not passed on, they will go public and exploit each individual that had hurt her. Every person listening is on their own tape for the same reason.

They killed Hannah Baker.

13 Reasons Why is taking Netflix by storm and the content has sparked some controversy. If you are unaware of this show, it is the story of Hannah Baker and how she ended her life. Before she committed suicide by slitting her wrists (which was quite gorily depicted in the last episode), she recorded 13 tapes containing the 13 reasons why she completed this act. The show is meant to be aimed at teens, but with adults now more aware of the content, there are many differing opinions.

No one should have to experience suicidal feelings. Many schools have suicide prevention programs, but one point from the show is how it took Hannah to commit this act to raise awareness in her own school. There were posters and talks during class that many students did not care very much to listen to that used Hannah as an example. There were many warning signs to Hannah’s action, but nobody around her caught on. She started to distance herself from people, quitting her job and handing in her uniform and tidying up her room moments before. The most important of them was when Hannah went to the school counselor hours before her death asking for help, showing many signs, and the counselor payed no attention and brushed it off like it was nothing.

The brutal image of Hannah’s suicide is one that anyone who has watched the show will never forget. The scene was extremely powerful, depicting both the emotional and physical pain Hannah is in. As if this scene wasn’t enough to hit you right in the heart, it continues to show her own mother discovering her. This scene has caused  many strong feelings and opinions among viewers. There are a few negative views that the material is was too heavy for some teens, but many people were supportive.

There is no way to hide it; suicide is real. 13 Reasons Why shows how it might be something many people have thought about and  raises awareness for teens to how it can affect everyone around you. Regardless of reactions and criticisms, it portrays a very serious topic that needs to be discussed.