Blumm Recognized as Distinguished Teacher

Rachel Pugliese, Staff Writer

Farmingdale high school is brimming with inspiring and hardworking educators. Among these is Mrs. Celia Blumm, the English teacher of 10th grade Humanities. She has been recognized by the Harvard Club as 2017’s Distinguished Teacher for dedicating herself to teaching and encouraging young people.

Blumm has dedicated 15 years to Farmingdale High School, teaching her classes with a youthful spirit. The Humanities course she teaches is rigorous; however, her energy and witty remarks are what keep her students engaged and focused. Before her career as a teacher, Blumm worked as an HIV/AIDS activist and educator. She also continued her education and pursued her passion for literature, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Fordham University. Her motivation for beginning work at Farmingdale High School stemmed from a “desire to spend my life among teenagers,” Blumm says. “I have an intense devotion to and empathy for these young individuals.” She described it as an honor to participate in the high school’s Humanities program for the last 15 years. Although Blumm is retiring at the conclusion of this school year, it’s no mystery that she will continue to affect the lives of those around her in a positive way. By being named 2017’s distinguished teacher, she is ending her career at FHS on a high note.

Mrs. Blumm is the type of teacher to leave a long lasting impact on her students. The title of “distinguished teacher” is well deserved for her years of hard work and dedication to the students of FHS.