Am I Ready for Senior Year?

Cecelia Germain, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Starting a new school year can be scary, but starting your senior year of high school is absolutely terrifying. I have so many things to worry about and do before I graduate. I have to worry about applying to colleges, figuring out what I want to major in, choosing the college I want to go to. Plus, I have so many deadlines I need to complete, and what I am going to do after high school? But, the one thing I really terrified of this year is being an Adult… My thirteen years in public school never taught me how to be one.

I was taught how to do math equations, or about our history, but not how to be an adult. Just simple and basic things, like how to pay bills, how to do my own laundry, how to take out loans, etc… What do I do when all of the sudden I am surrounded by adults, expected to do adult things? Expected to know how to get a job, or how to be in an interview? What do I do to prepare for an interview? Will I be asked questions I don’t know the answers to and if so how do I answer? Should I be well-prepared with answers to questions, even if I’m not asked them? How do I dress for those interviews? Or my future teaching career?

What about in college? How do I approach my professors? What if I miss class because I’m sick? Would I be able to get the notes from other students and make up tests? There are so many more questions I have about things I should know before I graduate. Some of those questions can be answered by my older brother who started his first year in college this past August. However, there are questions I will just have to learn from experience, not by asking other people. But for right now I think I just have to focus on graduating and what colleges I want to apply to.

I am definitely looking forward to this being my last year of high school. I can’t wait to experience all the activities seniors get to do. I can’t wait until I am done applying to schools and getting acceptance letters. I can’t wait for that moment when I am walking on that stage receiving my diploma. Telling me all that effort and time I put into school was worth it. Telling me that I succeeded and am ready to start all over as an adult.That moment when my parents tell me how proud they are of me for graduating high school.


So senior year here I come for the best year yet!