A Month of Hurricanes

Heather Choi, Staff Writer

Imagine you are staying inside of your house with no electricity, a shortage of basic needs, and thinking that you are safe from the terror.  Now imagine this.  You look out from your  window and see the winds blowing hard, heavy rains, the rise of the ocean tides, and the sound of the electric lines going down to the sinkhole and the sirens crying for help.  Later on, you get a sick feeling in your stomach, telling yourself everything is going to be okay, even though it’s not.  Having the sense of fear that you could possibly be flooded away because of the rain.  That’s exactly how people from Florida, the Caribbean Islands, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other locations have felt over the past month.  Hurricane Harvey, Jose, and Irma have been destroying and flooding the locations for the past month.  Many people watched hopelessly as their homes were flooded away.

No one on Earth wants a hurricane at his or her doorstep.  No one wants to deal with it, but it’s inevitable.  People went into hysterics with the news of another hurricane. People had gone to sanctuary locations immediately and boarded up their houses, as well as taking other precautions.   The people were so frightened for what was going to happen that a majority of  the citizens had already prepared to stay over at their family’s homes in other locations. What’s even crazier is the fact that there was a  long line of cars waiting for their gas to be pumped at the gas stations, and there were scores of  shoppers swarming in and out of stores, like bumble bees in a hive.  Since everyone was under attack by fatal, terrifying weather,  many people had experienced a shortage of gas and food, a loss of electricity, and more.  During the moment of terror,  many buildings, homes, and other places were flooded away, or had already been destroyed permanently due to strong, gusty winds and heavy rains. Hurricane Irma  was so traumatizing that, according to The New York Times, a witness lamented,  “We have all been in hurricanes before, but had never felt anything like this before.  It feels seismic, it feels catastrophic.” Another victim said,  “This is phenomenal.  There is nothing like this.”

After the long, risky, and scary moments, many people’s houses were completely destroyed.  Schools were closed, businesses shut down, money was scarce, and the citizens were extremely terrified.  What’s even worse is that there is not enough money for the people to rebuild their houses or to repair the city itself.  Instead, the military went out to the locations that were heavily affected and helped them.  Still, the people in many areas are still struggling for help, and they will have to depend on the kindness of others in order to just survive.  


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license