A “Wonder”ful Movie

Grace Brosnan, Creative Writing Editor

Wonder Woman not only saved the world from World War I, but she also saved the D.C. Universe from complete humiliation. Going into Wonder Woman, I won’t lie, I was terrified. I read reviews on the movie before my viewing and saw mostly all positive comments, but still the previous D.C. movies literally scarred me in my anticipation for Wonder Woman. The only critic that I was going to trust was myself. And after watching Wonder Woman wreak havoc on the Germans… Wonder Woman is now one of my favorite superhero movies of all time.

Wonder Woman made me literally laugh out loud. The characters had awesome chemistry together, and as much as the movie was dark and gloomy, there was this little bit of light that just flourished throughout the storyline that really made me fall in love with this movie. You could tell that each actor really loved this story, as well as the characters they played and interacted with. I really could not picture a better Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot. She took that role and really made it her own and yet kept to the key elements Wonder Woman represents. She was also very funny and relatable, which created more depth to the story. Also Chris Pine was absolutely perfect for Steve Trevor. His character was dynamic and his chemistry with Gadot was incredible. He added a comical insight to the movie that really played off of Gadot well.

Gadot’s performance was extremely powerful and she really displayed herself as a role model to all woman. The love story of Diana and Steve was also very heartwarming and interesting to watch. Their story was so powerful, but I loved how it connected with the main plot. The love story wasn’t overpowering or overbearing. It was rather touching. I also loved how Diana didn’t really listen to Steve, but also Steve respected Diana’s decisions in his own way. Her decisions were her own and she owned up to them and didn’t listen to other people clouding her judgment. That’s a really powerful message to sell and she sold it wonderfully. I also thought the story was very unique and different. The movie was basically a flashback, which can sometimes be hard to do and confusing to the audience, but the writers of Wonder Woman portrayed it well. I honestly think what I loved most about the movie was the message of woman empowerment. From the character Diana herself to Patty Jenkins directing the movie, I loved how involved women were in creating such a great movie.

I am such a sucker for action movies, especially the action sequences and the hardcore fight scenes. The action scenes always kept me on my toes and my eyes were always in awe of Gal Gadot fighting. I absolutely adored the slow motion scenes and how she used the whip and shield. The No Man Lands scene was beautifully shot and goosebumps erupted  on my arms. Every scene that was shot in Wonder Woman was just aesthetically pleasing; from the scenes on the island to the scenes in London, Jenkin’s did a wonderful job creating scenery in this movie. What I also loved was the music! Sometimes music can be really dull or boring in superhero movies, but Wonder Woman’s was upbeat and really catchy, especially her theme. That theme really gave me the urge to get up off my couch and start punching bad guys with my non existent fighting skills.

Recently, Wonder Woman was picked up for a second movie that will be directed by Patty Jenkins. I’m excited to see what this movie will hold for Diana, but also, I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous. As much as I loved Wonder Woman, I’m still not confident in D.C. Comics. I’m a little scared for Justice League because the bottom line is this:  Wonder Woman has now set the bar.

  * Image from wonderwomanfilm.com