Frightening, Exhilarating, and Everything in Between

Sarah Robbins, Staff Writer

As summer was coming to an end, my career in high school was just about to begin. It all counted now. A million thoughts rushed through my head as I was about to start the new school year. This was my freshman year.

The first day rolled around and I woke up early to make sure my hair, makeup, and outfit were perfect. The first impression to all my teachers and friends I would make was very important to me.

First period. I walked in and sat down at any desk that was free and began to get back into the swing of things. Most teachers began with what they expect of you during the entirety of the school year and that was nothing new.  But what was new to me was the work load. I already knew I would have to work ten times harder than previous years. This made me so anxious because, like I said, it all counted now. The day was moving fast and I liked a lot of my teachers and my feelings of nervousness became feelings of excitement for what I could accomplish in the remaining days of freshman year.

Now that I am in my sophomore year, things are a lot easier for me. However, current freshman Skylar Fandacone has a different perspective of her first day: “When it was time to wake up for school, it was hard to get ready because it was earlier than what I had been used to.” She continues, “I was nervous, nervous about finding my classes because it took me some time to memorize my schedule. I had yet to find my locker because I was planning on sharing one with my friends. Eventually, I knew where my classes were, but had to switch out of Anthropology into Child Development which affected my other classes, and I had to find everything all over again.” Even with all of this happening within the first couple days, Skylar still kept a positive attitude about starting the new school year. “The freedom in the high school is so much better than the middle schools,” she says. “I made a lot of new friends and cannot wait to see what the rest of my freshman year brings.”  

Freshman year is frightening, exhilarating, and everything in between. Forming new friendships and being a part of a whole new atmosphere opens up opportunities to make the next four years the best they can be.