“Feel This Moment”

Jaeda Wallick, Staff Writer

The bell ending third period finally rings. Band students and Dalerettes all hurry to grab their carry-ons and head to the auditorium. This is the day that everyone has been waiting for: the first day of band camp. Fourth period starts with everyone meeting in the auditorium filled with the buzz of anxious students talking, as each bus is called one at a time to load. The next three hours are spent on the coach buses with your friends asking over and over again, “Are we there yet?” The drive from Farmingdale to Pine Forest Camp is filled with snacks, laughs and naps. Each of the buses are equipped with TV screens, outlets, and bathrooms. The three hours seem to fly by with excitement. As we pull into Pine Forest we know exactly what lies ahead.

The rest of the first day consists of students dragging luggage into their cabins and getting settled in. Each of the girls cabins chooses themes and are able to decorate the inside and outside of the cabins. Everyone’s favorite part about the cabins is getting to live with your friends for four days. “Sharing the cabin with my friends gave us a great opportunity to bond and get closer,” says sophomore Julia Capalbo. For some students band camp is really the only time they get a chance to be with their cabin mates. Being in the band or on the Dalerettes gives students an opportunity to bond with students older and younger than them. After the cabins are all set up, everyone makes their way to the cafeteria for dinner. The first meal was chicken patties and fries along with a section to make salad. Following dinner was the first rehearsal. From 6PM to 8PM we are playing, tuning, fixing and playing again. This rehearsal is the only indoor rehearsal we have. Each night has a highlighted activity to watch or participate in. The activities include a basketball tournament, which occurred the first night; karaoke, which occurred on the second night; and the third night- best night of all- the showcase, senior sendoff, and DJ night. Prior to these fun events are days filled with early breakfasts, hours on the field, lunch, and dinner.  We start each rehearsal by stretching on the field and warming up. Each rehearsal lasts about 3 hours on the field, followed by a meal. Our time during the day is committed to practicing, but everyone also has a great time. Junior student and drum major Katherine Demaria says, “ Band camp is the best thing ever!” The band and Dalerettes work hard over the four days to make each other better. With sweat and dedication the 2017 show “Feel This Moment” is completed.

As Sunday morning gets closer, nobody wants to go. Pine Forest Camp is a place everyone in the Dalerettes and band have come to love and look forward to each year. Thanks to drum majors Katherine Demaria, Sophia Sindicic, Alex Felker, Jamie Lagattuta, Anthony Malizia and band directors Ms. Gina Pellettiere and Mrs.Barbara Lieberman, after watching this year’s show, everyone will definitely want to “Feel This Moment” forever.