BeyGood Aids and Assists Hurricane Harvey Victims

Addassa Smart, Staff Writer

Beyonce continues to prove that she can indeed do it all. She can sing, dance and give one of her best performances ever while pregnant, but she can also give a helping hand. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston,Texas on August 25,2017.  More than 13 million people were affected by the storm. Hurricane Harvey has completely devastated Houston. It has caused a lot of damage and flooding; many people have had all their possessions destroyed by the storm. There has been an estimated $48-75 billion worth of damage done.

Houston native and singer Beyonce went down to Houston herself to give a hand. Beyonce, along with her mother, daughter and others have stepped up to help the Houston community get back on their feet. She went and helped serve meals to the families affected by the storm. She joined forces with Bread of Life and Greater Houston Community Foundation to help feed those affected by the storm. Not only was she serving meals to the people, but she was interacting with them, lifting their spirits. The organizations are not only donating food, but also clothing, baby products and feminine products. She is not alone in her efforts. Other celebrities have come together to help the cause, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Miley Cyrus. Beyonce has also donated a lot of money to try and help as many people as possible. She is recognized for her music, while her philanthropy and charitable donations often go unnoticed.

It is good to see that she is giving back and helping out the community that she came from. The damages are so extensive and the people of the Houston community need as much help as possible. It is good to see that celebrities can come together and step up to help the community when there are people in need. Some people just have a genuinely good heart and don’t mind giving away some money to help. This just shows that in times of crisis people can come together.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license