Irma Slams Florida

Jake Amato, Staff Writer

Hurricane Irma hit Florida weekend of September 9th  with powerful winds topping 157 MPH at Naples Municipal Airport. The hurricane hit Florida as a Category Four storm and left most of  the State destroyed and the people in shock.

Only three Category Five hurricanes have ever hit the U.S. Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Camille in 1969, and an unnamed hurricane in 1935; luckily hurricane Irma was not the fourth. However, Hurricane Irma was the most powerful storm to hit the state of Florida  in the last  80 years. Hurricane Irma left about 4.1 million people without power and considering most households have more than one person, it could affect about 9 million people.

Although Irma was a devastating blow to the State of Florida, experts say that it could have been a lot worse. Due to Irma hitting Cuba and weakening in the final stages before it hit Florida, wind speeds lowered to 115 mph when it made landfall in Florida. It also dropped from a Category Five to a Category Four hurricane. Even though Hurricane Irma did weaken before hitting Florida, it was still “the real deal,” as stated by Colorado state university researcher Phil Klotzbach on Hurricane Irma was still a very powerful storm that should not have been taken lightly and should not have been underestimated because it could have and still did do a lot of damage.

Even though Hurricane Irma is gone, the effects from its devastation will be felt all over the country now and for many years to come. Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful hurricanes the state of Florida and the country have ever seen.