The Flight 1017 Tattoo Convention, Coming Soon!

Kasiya Lamberty, Staff Writer

This October 20th-22nd, the Flight 1017 Tattoo Convention will be coming to New York. This expo will be held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York. The tattoo convention will be hosting many talented artists whose work will be displayed for everyone who attends to enjoy. Some of these world famous artists include Jose Perez, Antonina Troshina, Popo, and many others. This convention normally showcases the brilliant works of over 250 world famous artists, more than 30 vendors, and many tattoo suppliers that offer shop necessities and merchandise. All artists there will be showing off their skills and booking appointments… for anyone over 18 of course.

One of the artists being featured is Marek Pawlik, also know as Marzan. He was born in Silesia, Poland in 1978. He was determined to become a tattoo artist, although in the beginning it was a rough start. Since there was no set of instructions when it came to tattooing, he had to overcome the challenge of learning by starting with home experiments. Upon opening his own professional tattoo shop, called Sauron Tattoo Studio, he worked earnestly to earn more experience in the tattoo industry. Throughout the years he not only gained popularity and success with his fantastic work as well. Another one of the artists whose work will be shown is Nuno Feio, who is from Lisbon, Portugal. Before he started tattooing in 2010, he worked in Advertising as a designer and had a custom paint shop. For several years he did custom airbrush painting and also pinstriping, while striving to expand his art into other areas and working to improve himself every day. If black and grey tattoos are your thing, be sure to check out works by Nuno Feio. The last artist being featured here is Javier Antunez, who was born in 1987. When he was in his teens he could be found with a pencil or brush in hand, drawing for countless hours. Once stumbling upon tattooing in 2007, he began his apprenticeship soon after. In 2011, Javier Antunez successfully opened Tattooed Theory in Miami, offering expertise and dedication in the art of tattooing.         

You can go online to see some of the fantastic works created by these artists who will be present at the convention.The tattoos are detailed and unbelievably realistic. Clearly the artists didn’t become world famous for nothing.                                              

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* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license