Dale’s Diary: Homecoming!

Dale the Lion, Staff Writer/ School Mascot


(Sorry, I’m still getting used to typing with the paws.)

WELCOMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE back. Dale is in the house! And I’m ready to learn. I am so ecstatic that Farmingdale is back and in session.

The Daler pride has been through the roof, and homecoming was a big part of that. It was stressful for everyone because homecoming was very early this year, occurring on September 28th. Float building was intense, with all material scattered everywhere, and dances being learned and perfected throughout the Commons and the gyms. Football players were intensely working and training getting ready for the games. Overall, students were devoting their time to make it the best homecoming yet! Spirit weeks days were Merica’ Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Rap/Country/Rock Wednesday, Camo Thursday, and Green and White Day Friday. Everyone was so flamboyant and enthusiastic with their outfits and pride.

Performing at every homecoming is really thrilling for me! I love to show off my moves and seeing the faces of Farmingdale! The cheerleaders, Dalerettes, and Steppin’ Dalers put on jaw-dropping performances, and the band and football team played lived up to their reputations. This was an awesome homecoming. I hope all my Daler buddies have a Daleriffic time this year! GOOOOOOO DALERS!