Homecoming 2017

Cecelia Germain and Sarah Robbins

September 28, 2017 was one day all students were looking forward to, especially the seniors: homecoming day. It was filled with school spirit, camouflage shirts, a mini fair in the commons, and students voting for their homecoming King and Queen. The night for which all football players, cheerleaders, Dalerettes, Steppin’ Dalers, the Pep Band, and Dale the Lion spent weeks preparing. On this night, all students came together to show their Daler spirit.

Most seniors were looking for their name to appear on the ballot for homecoming king and queen, one last time. Although there were only ten nominees total, this year’s nominees were all awesome choices. In the end, King Ryan Charleston and Queen Angie Ryba received the most votes. When Angie’s name was called she “couldn’t stop smiling. I was so excited to win homecoming Queen. I was hoping Ryan would win as well! It was honestly like a fairytale ending in a movie.” Everyone who knew that they have been dating since the eighth grade were hoping that they would win homecoming King and Queen. It is something you would only see in a movie or show: the football player and the cheerleader, dating their entire high school career, winning the honor of homecoming king and queen. “It felt like it was the script to a movie, it was surreal,” says Ryan. “I was in complete shock [when my name was called]. I was so excited that at my last homecoming something this special would happen.” Angie added, “We have been dating for four years in December and we wouldn’t want to start the year off any other way! I’m blessed to have such an amazing man in my life to make my whole high school career. And we beat Syosset 33-0, no better way to end the night!”

Speaking of the game, it was the highlight of spirit week for many students, especially for Senior Captain Kevin McCormick. “The turnout of the crowd was just breathtaking. I’m not sure if I’ve ever played in front of a larger crowd. The crowd really helps to pump up the team and keep the energy up throughout the game,” says McCormick. Sophomore Kevin Wilson knew going into the game that “Syosset was going to put up a fight like they always do. Despite their record we knew it was going to be a battle, but we knew we had the team to come out with the win.” The Dalers lived up to their expectations and defeated the Syosset Braves by 33 points. “The biggest play of the game was the first touchdown. The pass from Kevin McCormick to Antonio Smikle set the tone for the rest of the game and gave us confidence going forward,” says Wilson. From beginning to end, the Dalers displayed their dominance with the help of the spirited crowd of passionate fans.


* Photos courtesy of Lifetouch Photography