Sarah’s Top Holiday Movies

Sarah Robbins, Staff Writer

The holidays are upon us and along with all the presents, bright festive lights and ugly sweater parties, Christmas themed movies are a good way to get into the spirit. What qualifies as a good Christmas movie? When asking some of my friends during school, the most popular responses were movies that had a good sense of humor and really fulfilled the expectations of “Christmas spirit.” These movies included classics like Elf, Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and The Polar Express.



“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”  If you have seen Elf, I bet you know this famous line that will put you in the mood for the holidays right away. Will Ferrell’s character Buddy finds out Santa and his elves took him in as a baby since he is an orphan. Buddy is in an eager search to find his biological father. In his journey, he comes across many obstacles which teach Buddy to adapt to new surroundings in the most comical and appealing ways. This kid-friendly movie will have the whole family laughing and show that you do not have to see to believe.


Home Alone

When Kevin McCallister’s family is planning to go on vacation for the holidays, it does not turn out exactly as it was supposed to. Usually family vacations consist of all family members attending but, when Kevin was accidentally left behind, he was forced to protect his house from burglars with big plans. Kevin’s innovative ways of preventing the burglars from stealing keeps you entertained and waiting for Kevin’s next idea of messing with them.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Griswold family is not your average family. With their oversized tree, extremely awkward relatives, and lights so bright they can be seen from space, this is one movie that will not be forgotten. Clark Griswold wants to make this Christmas memorable for his family so he does everything in his power to make it the best yet. Since it is the season of giving, Clark’s boss gives him shocking news. There are multiple iconic scenes that will leave you laughing until your stomach hurts.


The Polar Express

Buckle up because this train ride is like no other. On Christmas Eve a young boy who is losing the spirit of Christmas regains the love for the holiday when visiting the North Pole. The twists and turns of the movie will have you intrigued and wondering where the train will go next.