“Lady Bird” Dodges Those Rotten Tomatoes

Grace Brosnan, Creative Writing Editor

Recently, a movie just broke a record for ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. A movie that didn’t get much buzz when it was being promoted, didn’t have a large audience, and wasn’t predicted to be this successful. Out of 198 ratings, Lady Bird, directed and written by Greta Gerwig, has received a 100% score, which is very rare. Over the weekend I got the chance to watch it myself and I can easily say it definitely deserves the 100% rating.

Lady Bird was an incredibly real and raw movie that really tugged at my heartstrings. Saoirse Ronan portrayed the character of “Lady Bird” beautifully and really made it her own. Her acting in this movie was phenomenal and one of my favorite films she has done. I am a huge fan of Saoirse Ronan and this movie just made me love her even more. I really related with this character as someone who is also going through her awkward teenage years and finishing up high school. This character really touched me in a way that no other movie character has done before, and it is all because of how wonderful Saoirse Ronan portrayed her.

Greta Gerwig wrote and directed Lady Bird and she did a wonderful job. Seeing these two women work together to create such a beautiful masterpiece was wonderful to watch. The cinematography was so aesthetically pleasing, every single shot was carefully directed and thought out, and the writing was fluent and authentic, unlike many other coming of age movies. This stunning movie is proof that women need more opportunities to create art .

Lady Bird has many clever, cute lines that really stuck in my brain and made me laugh out loud. The writing was just so sharp and quick-witted and made the movie even more authentic. I loved laughing with the characters and also feeling how powerful their emotions were when they were so sad. This movie evoked strong emotions from the audience; it really shined and connected with everyone’s heart. That’s how you make a good movie and Lady Bird did just that.

There are many coming of age movies today, but Lady Bird really differentiates itself from the others. The story makes you laugh out loud, root for the characters, cry, and churns your heart inside your chest. I found myself in Lady Bird’s shoes more than once throughout the movie and in other coming of age movies, usually I don’t feel like that. Most movies are just entertainment for me, but Lady Bird really resonated with me. I saw myself on that screen more than once and that’s so powerful. When you make a movie, your goal is to connect with the audience and I truly don’t think I have connected with a movie more than I have with Lady Bird. It really changed the way I’m going to view my future.