Your “Dream” Class

Erin Byrnes, Editor

Fourth period sitting in front of the computer. I look around and I’m all alone. Nothing but me and the computer. I am very much confused as to why I’m here. I look at the screen. A perfectly written school news article about Journalism class. Packed with information about the class, article topics, and of course the legendary Mr. Osborn. Seems a bit odd in the moment right? Just your average 11th grader, sitting in a class alone, trying to do work that was already done for her. Well, let me put your mind at ease.. This was all a dream. Yes you heard it right, odd me had a dream about being in Journalism writing an article about Journalism. Well guess what I’m doing right now. Sitting in Journalism class (for real this time) writing an article about Journalism.

In all seriousness, Journalism is a great class. Coming into the class sophomore year, I sat in the corner and never spoke a word, out of fear that Mr. Osborn would yell. Now look at me, so in love with the class I’m dreaming about it! Journalism is an elective that you can take every other day fourth period or your can take it both days if you are that in love with writing. In this class, you become a member of the school newspaper, the Paper Lion. Whether you are a die hard sports fan, a movie lover at heart, or into politics and current events in the world, there is always something for you to write about.  Of course it will help if you somewhat like writing before stepping into the class, but if not, you will learn to make it your best friend. School news is also an important topic for the paper. The Farmingdale community is full of kind-hearted individuals always doing something new to help others. But what’s the point of these activities taking place if nobody knows about them to lend a hand? That’s where you come in. You can cover the story, be an inside source, and write an article to be posted on the website, along with being printed, to relay information. Aside from writing, you can become an editor on the Paper Lion staff. This is a job that requires a dedicated individual to read over other peers’ work and offer suggestions and assistance. Not only does your job make their articles better, it also makes you a well-rounded writer and your articles that much better when you sit down to write.

Long story short, take journalism. It’s a great class that you can take with your friends, and an easy way to be involved in school activities. You can become a better writer and maybe learn a little something about the community and world that you live in. Plus if you do your work it’s an easy to boost your GPA (who can turn that down). And who knows… you could be me next year, dreaming about your new favorite class.