Dale’s Diary: The Escape Room

Dale the Lion, Staff Writer

Dear Diary,

I was invited to be a special guest for the Escape Room at Weldon E. Howitt. The Escape Room is a program that promotes a healthy choice of lifestyle. It introduces ideas to the students and parents that exercise and a colorful plate can be life changing. Some of the activities that were presented at the middle school were yoga, an escape room, a lunchroom full of healthy food, and an activity that involves making a plate that has protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits. The yoga was my favorite activity. I was a very relaxed lion by the time I was done with the yoga lesson; however, I think I pulled a muscle in my leg from one of the moves. I took pictures with my Daler buddies and their families. Everyone was so welcoming and loving. Because of this program, I am a healthy, strong lion.   


Have a Daler-iffic Day!

Dale the Lion