Technology at its Best: The Orbeye Microscope

Kasiya Lamberty, Staff Writer

The companies, Olympus and Sony have teamed up to deliver a breakthrough in surgical devices. The Orbeye is a 4K-3D video microscope paired with 26x magnification, which allows for more accurate imaging of structures within the human body. This device also enables surgeons to accomplish their work in a more comfortable manner. Normally a surgeon would lean up against a microscope and strain her neck, back, or eyes, since some surgeries can last for multiple hours. With this model, surgeons can stand up straight and work with their hands while looking at the monitor. This microscope’s monitor also allows for viewing to be shared, making it an effective teaching tool.

Above is the first test subject for the Orbeye, which is a red bell pepper. This test was run to ensure the effectiveness of this new microscope. According to the New York Times, after this test Dr. Charles L. Branch moved on to humans. He used the equipment in about 20 spine surgeries which were all performed through a tube.

The Orbeye microscope will allow for better viewing and more accurate imaging. This microscope also helps prevent chronic injury to the neck and back, which results from many years of straining from conducting surgeries. This new device could potentially become the ultimate teaching tool as well. As time goes on this will not only save more lives, but open a new door to technological advancements.