Dale’s Diary: Spreading the Love

Dale the Lion, Staff Writer

Dear Diary,

Weldon E. Howitt invited the members of Student Government Association (and me!) to present P.S. I Love You Day. P.S I Love You Day is a day to appreciate your loved ones and to acknowledge that being kind to others can make a huge difference. We try to create a chain reaction of kindness! We want to be the best versions of ourselves. Brooke DiPalma, the creator of P.S. I Love You Day,  showed us that we can maKe a change, that we can take something good out of something bad. On February 9th, we envisioned a world without bullying, without suicide… a world of love and a whole lot of purple! P.S. I Love you Day was celebrated on February 9th at Farmingdale High School. SGA sold shirts and put post-it notes on everyone’s locker with nice sayings to spread the love.


Dale the Lion

P.S. I love spreading the love!