Ambassadors’ Club, Kayko Donald Create Accepting Environment

Addassa Smart, Staff Writer

           Ambassador’s club is a terrific club to be in. It is a place where everyone is invited to join and learn about the different issues of the world. In the club, we discuss world issues and try to come up with solutions we think could possibly help resolve them. There is no one thing that we talk about. Not only do we try to resolve world issues, we have debates as well. During debates, sometimes we choose our side, other times we get assigned a side. Even if we don’t agree, we have to try to find points to argue the opposing side. It is an environment where everyone can have fun and feel comfortable to express their opinions freely without fear of someone lashing out at them because they disagree. One of the people who make the atmosphere of the club so free, calm, and accepting is Kayko Donald.

       Kayko Donald is Co-President of the Ambassadors’ club. She comes up with many of the discussions and debates. During debates, she guide the discussion and calms people down when passionate arguments start to get heated. With her outgoing, bubbly, humorous personality, she does a good job diffusing tense situations. Some of the topics that are talked about can be sensitive subjects for some students, so discussions can get intense. Along with this, Kayko is one of the reasons the club is so open. She encourages people to express their opinions during discussions, knowing that many people have insight on the topic that no one has expressed yet. Even if you yourself don’t feel comfortable saying how you feel, she will say it for you. She feels very strongly about everyone’s voice being heard. You are able to say how you feel because even if she herself doesn’t agree, she still will hear you out and respect your opinion. One of the points of the club is to discuss highly controversial topics and to learn to respect opinions you might not personally agree with. A lot of the time when people discuss topics they are passionate about, they don’t listen to the other side’s point. This is why we learn to talk about things we feel strongly about without becoming aggravated. This is something she encourages everyone else in the club to do as well. It takes you out of your comfort zone. You are introduced to new points of view; after discussions you may even feel differently about the subject than you did before, or at least have a better understanding. In a way, it prepares you for the real world. In life you won’t always agree with people on everything, so it’s important to learn how to hold harsh conversations without getting defensive.

      Not only is Kayko very involved in the Ambassador’s Club, she is very involved in school activities in general. She is a part of Italian Honor Society, the Smile Club, and plays the French horn in the band as well. Kayko is overall a genuine, nice person who honestly sets out to help people and make a lasting impression in their lives. She creates an environment of understanding and patience for all those involved in the Ambassadors’ club.