March BALDness

Erin Byrnes, Editor

As it gets closer and closer to the month of March, the hair starts to get longer and longer until one Monday, the kid who always sat next to you with hair down to his shoulders sudden has a nicely shaved head.

St. Baldrick’s is an organization founded in 1999 dedicated to raising money for children’s cancer research. Here in Farmingdale, a large number of people in our community participate in this fundraiser yearly. As you walk into The Nutty Irishman, where the event is held, you are immediately overwhelmed looking around at the huge crowd. The shavees are wearing their new shirts and are eagerly waiting on line, with friends and family standing just below the stage with cameras out, ready to capture this legendary haircut.  The feeling of sitting on stage knowing that all your fundraising is coming down to one haircut is “odd but one that is never forgotten,” said Larry Byrnes. Larry, along with many others in the Farmingdale community, has been shaving his head for 8 years and is still going strong. Larry says, “To know that one little act such as raising money and getting rid of something as simple as my hair in solidarity for those fighting cancer is a great moment.”

The Farmingdale Federation of Teachers formed a team (Mr. James Hughes, Mr. Ken Garcia, Mr. Mike Marchitto, Mr. Brian Osborn, and Mr. Freddy Falcones) for their second year. The team raised $2,750, with Mr. Freddy Falcones bringing in the most donations on the team at $1,820. “The event is cool in the way they recognize the people who return year after year and honor the survivors. It’s nice to see where the money goes,” says Mr. Falcones.  The St. Baldrick’s community is filled with caring people devoted to helping others and the yearly shaving is a nice way to see all the support behind these kids battling for their lives.