Stronger Than You Think

Heather Choi, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, girls.  We know we are labeled as the weaker sex.  We know that some people try to treat us as possessions. They try to control us and make us less successful, blocking our future paths, telling us to stop, making us feel ashamed of who we are. Tears roll down our cheeks; we feel anger, depression, and other mixed emotions, wondering what else could go wrong.  You know what? We’ve had enough. We are going to tell to the rest of the world that we are equally as strong and powerful as them. We are proud of who we are. No matter what. And no one has to feel ashamed of what she is made of or what she is capable of. Because strength is in our nature.

To celebrate our power, accomplishments, and achievements, International Women’s Day was created and took place on Thursday, March 8th, with every female across the world celebrating. There is dramatic action going on in Madrid, Spain.  CNN news covered women who refused to work their jobs and boycotted their domestic ways of life.  Instead, they marched the streets. Later, women gathered in the central square. They were banging pots and pans while the city council’s building was lit up with purple lights, the official color for that day.  On this fine day, there were many shouts from the protestors. One of the university administrators stated that if women stop, the world stops. Even hundreds of students from city universities shouted, “Don’t bring me flowers, bring me rights!” and “Madrid will be sexism’s grave!” What makes it more interesting is by dusk, 170,000 people flooded the streets of the capital of Spain and an estimated one million women crowded together to march. That’s five times as many as the #MeToo Movement. A survey taken by the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, said 82% of Spaniards believe that there are sufficient reasons for the strike and 72% of men also believe and agree that sexist behavior still exists throughout the globe.

Thousands more are protesting, marching straight into Milan, Italy.  According The New York Times, the Italian government encourages women to go on strike on this day, and allows 12 cities to hold a march. A group of a few thousand stood in front of a hospital and chanted their slogans. They protested because Italian doctors wouldn’t perform abortions for them even though it is legal and acceptable in Italy.

In India, there have been too many accounts of girls who have either been raped or have experienced sexaul assult from gang memebers. As a result, students, teachers, and others marched to protest at the Indian Parliament. They demanded that the Parliament take action against domestic violence, sexual attacks, and discrimination.  

These were among the many demonstrations around the world on March 8th. And every year, on this date, men and women will celebrate, protest, march, and boycott until the equality we demand is a reality.   


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license