Prom: ‘A Night in the City’

Erin Byrnes, Editor

Prom, to most people, is this idea of a “perfect night” and something that will most likely occur only once in their high school careers. On the other hand, sometimes upperclassmen talk about their experiences at prom being “overrated” or “not worth the hype.” However, this year the juniors who attended agree that they had a night they will never forget.

As everyone arrived, the limousines all lined up and each person walked in with smiles on their faces. Dinner orders were placed and the dance floor opened up. Everyone was out of their seats crowded in the middle of the floor dancing with all their friends. “Even though our grade consists of many different friend groups, we knew how to have fun and all dance together,” said junior Madison Talbot. Those who weren’t on the dance floor were outside before the sunset, trying to get the perfect prom pictures with their dates and friends under the gazebo.

The theme of the night was “A Night In the City,” and each table was labeled with different well-known streets and playbills. The theme would not have been complete without the wooden taxi photo booth prop for a real city picture. The event was all made possible with the countless hours of dedication from class advisors Mrs. Surace, Mrs. O’Brien, and Mrs. Corcoran with continuous support from class president Zara Khan and all the other officers behind her giving their suggestions and ideas.  Towards the end of the night the advisor’s choice of prom king and queen were announced. Riley D’Andrea and Matt Olbeter won and posed for their picture.

The night quickly came to and end, and the same smiles that everyone had while walking in were even brighter walking out.  As a final touch to the city night theme, hot pretzels, like those sold on the city streets, were given out to the attendees. “A lot of people told me that prom was going to be a let down, but when the night was over it exceeded my expectations by far,” said by Madi Leon. Everyone was dressed to the nines and enjoyed themselves for their only high school junior prom.