Girls LAX Ready to Make a Run

Alayna Camisa, Staff Writer

The girls varsity lacrosse team has been striving to do their best throughout the season to be able to perform at a championship level. Head coach Tracy Wiener, who has been coaching lacrosse for 28 years, has one vision for them: to compete for a championship and to have the girls become the best lacrosse players they can be.

Ending their regular season and going into playoff season, practices are moving up to a different level of intensity. Coach Shari Campbell, Coach Joanie Bee, and Coach Robert Rhodes have been working with the girls on the fundamentals of lacrosse, trying to prevent them from making any mistakes and to prepare for the battles against the big teams in playoffs. The players are working harder than ever before to make a playoff push. “As far as a playoff run, we feel confident that we can make a push to the county finals,” Campbell says. The ladies want to perform to the best of their abilities to go far in the playoffs and of course try to win a championship.

The first team the Lady Dalers will be competing against is Oceanside on May 16. Their current record is 7-6, while Oceanside is 2-11. Coach Wiener states, “I 1000 percent believe that we cannot only make it to championships, but that we can compete and win as well.” Through the motivational coaching staff and the hard work on the field, the 2018 Lady Dalers are ready to make a run to the finals.