Grace Brosnan, Creative Writing Editor

Many people view pens as an ordinary object. Just a writing utensil with a chewed cap and smooth, slick ink that glides across any paper. A device that is for writing notes for math class or writing lists for groceries. Just another thing that we pass by in our daily lives.

But the thing is a pen can be a spaceship. It can launch you to into a whole other galaxy, meet a crew of aliens or discover a new planet. A pen can be a pirate ship. It can discover golden treasure or meet a pirate princess. It can get you out of any awkward situation or put you into the best one. A simple bland pen can transform your reality and place you into one of your own making.

A pen is the reason for our history. Without it we wouldn’t know how to pave roads or calculate the distance from the Earth to the Moon. We wouldn’t have recipes to our favorite pasta dishes. Love letters wouldn’t exist to keep in contact with our soulmates. Life would pass us by without being able to write everything down. Without a pen our love of words would be lost. The reason for part of our existence is because of the simplicity of a pen. People forget how important such a still object is.

Writers, though, see the beauty in such an unembellished entity. We will never doubt how much power it holds against us. How addicting it can be when we need to spill our imagination on anything we can get a hold of. So when people forget the significance of a such an inanimate object, we will help you remember. With our poetic words and the whisk of our pen. 

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license