Welcome to the Wall of Fame

As one still in high school surrounded by so much untapped potential, I often find myself looking around at my peers, wondering what kind of incredible things they’ll one day accomplish, or may have already accomplished. At the Wall of Fame Ceremony every April, Farmingdale High School alumni legends who once were very much like the students I see around me today are inducted for their incredible feats and for going above and beyond after high school. They once sat before teachers, wondering when the bell would ring, and when they’d get a chance to make their mark on the world—and now they have.

~ Elizabeth Pearl Corey


Walter Brem

by Erin Byrnes

Walter Brem graduated from Farmingdale High School 1955. Mr. Brem continued his education at SUNY Brockport and studied health and physical education, and he received his masters at Stonybrook University. After playing three sports in high school, Mr. Brem became the JV football coach for nineteen years and the JV soccer coach for ten years. He also was the winter track coach and played a key role in starting the program. The school now holds Walter Brem track meets, an idea started by Coach Katie Dunne and Coach Walter Henning in honor of Mr. Brem’s work and dedication. Mr. Brem was also the recipient of the National Scholastic Athletic Foundation-Allen Dawson Award in 2006. As a member of the community, Mr. Brem works with SEPTA Splash program, the Special Olympics, and has been a part of the Farmingdale Youth Council for 63 years. The Farmingdale community is proud to honor Mr. Brem with his Wall of Fame plaque.


George Andriopoulos

by Elizabeth Pearl Corey

There seems to be some kind of inhibiting belief that’s passed around that one must choose one profession or hobby and pursue it for the rest of his or her life. Sure, it would be helpful if people were all interested in only one thing, but human beings are complex creatures with a myriad of interests and intricate minds that cannot be satisfied with doing merely one thing for the rest of their lives. Here’s a man who proves that people are capable of living all of their dreams at once and that people can accomplish all that they seek to do in one lifetime. His dedication and ambition took him to places he must’ve only been able to dream about and claim in his future as a high school student. But he made it.

Mr. George Andriopoulos is a perfect example of one who has taken his potential and turned it into multiple successes. He is the founder of a marketing consulting firm; the co-founder of a creative marketing agency; the co-founder, inaugural president, and current vice president of a non-profit organization for medical crisis financial aid (Shannon’s Flight), which gives to individuals and families in need; the owner of a greeting card company; and the owner of a recently launched business concept “think tank” company, along with being a frequent volunteer, and one who has been prestigiously recognized nine times—ten including The Wall of Fame—for his incredible achievements.


Victor Nelson

by Alayna Camisa

Victor Nelson graduated from Farmingdale High School in 1942. In those days, the high school was Weldon E. Howitt and students from Bethpage also attended. Victor Nelson enjoyed the competitiveness of life in high school as he was involved with many activities, such as the football team, baseball team, and the wrestling team, and he was even a badminton champion.

At the age of 18, Mr. Nelson was drafted into the Navy and served for three years. As a result of his bravery, he was rewarded with several medals of honor. He was trained as a radar technician and, with the help of the GI Bill, he was able to study electrical engineering at Purdue University, as well as attend Navy schools in Chicago and Naval Research Labs in Washington.

From there, Mr. Nelson started his own company, Sector Microwave Industries, in 1974. This company designs and manufactures key components that are needed for telecommunication and satellite systems. The Department of Defense recognized Sector Microwave Industries for helping to save American lives with its technology. Not only did the Department of Defense recognize his company, but NASA recognized Sector Microwave Industries and became an asset in the company’s growth. Today, the company has more products on the planet Mars than any other company in the world and is highly active in space exploration beyond Pluto.

To this day, Mr. Nelson goes to work every day and donates to several causes, including Long Island Lutheran High School and St. Lukes Church. Throughout all of this, Mr. Nelson and his wife had 8 children, 26 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren, with more on his way. Congratulations to Mr. Nelson for all of his accomplishments; we are proud to honor him with a plaque on the Farmingdale High School Wall of Fame.