Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Brittany Pham and Becky O'Rourke

Goodbye from the Valedictorian

by Brittany Pham

It’s hard to believe that in less than thirty days, we’ll all be Farmingdale alumni. Four years of homecoming, fair, sporting events, concerts, and simply walking through the halls has passed in a blink of an eye. Soon, we will all walk out of Farmingdale High School for the last time as students. We’ll listen to the morning announcements, clean out our lockers, and rush out of ninth period to miss the senior parking lot traffic one last time. Soon, we will walk across the stage at Hofstra University, accept our diploma, and realize that this will probably be the last time we will all be in the same room.

Four years later, we have all found our little niche at Farmingdale. That is probably the best part of our school; regardless of your interest, you can find yourself in any one of the amazing departments – whether it be in the music, art, sports, theater, or humanities departments. For me, I will always cherish my experiences in the Italian, English, and Science departments. Whether it be sitting in a classroom or talking to the teachers about mundane or existential crises, I will forever be grateful for their support and teaching me to enjoy each passing day.

So here’s to us, the Farmingdale Class of 2018. We finally did it. Here’s to the friendships we’ve made and the memories we have created, and I am looking forward to see what the next four years bring for everyone.

Good luck and best wishes,

Britney Pham


Goodbye from the Salutatorian

by Becky O’Rourke

I know the saying is cliché, but time really does fly by. Honestly, it does not feel like so long ago that I just started high school. Time is a paradoxical mystery. Somehow the day-to-day of school (the lengthy classes, the extensive homework, and the many, many tests) maintains a steady rhythm, while the busy school years fly by. As the number of school days we have left at Farmingdale grows to be fewer and fewer, I cannot help but think back upon my time at Farmingdale.

I am thankful for the many opportunities I have had at Farmingdale High School and to the amazing people here. Although I enjoyed the many classes I took at Farmingdale High School, I especially enjoyed the Humanities program. Although I tend to be more of a “science” person, I always found myself looking forward to going to Humanities. The amazing teachers and interesting curriculum of history, literature, and culture made the classes meaningful. Some other classes I really enjoyed were AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, and American Sign Language.

I am also thankful to have been a part of many meaningful clubs and honor societies. Whether it was helping out in the Outdoor Classroom for Environmental Club, smiling at a Smile Club event, winning a medal at Science Olympiad, or participating in Mathletes, it has been a rewarding experience. I am a proud member of the National Honor Society, ASL Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society. Specifically, being involved in Art Honor Society over the four years of high school has been a fun and fulfilling experience.

One positive experience I will remember was winning a Merit Award at the Long Island Science Congress for research in soil microbiology. I will also remember placing first for the oral presentation and third overall with the Envirothon team in eleventh grade, and the rainy, windy weather we had both years I participated!

What I will remember and cherish the most though, are the amazing friends I made and the remarkable teachers I have had at Farmingdale. Thank you for everything! I will be attending Boston University in the fall where I will be studying nutrition. Although I will miss Farmingdale, I am excited for new opportunities and adventures. Thank you to my mom, brother, and grandparents for always encouraging me and helping me to reach these milestones!