Dale’s Diary: Welcome Back Dalers!

Dale the Lion, Staff Writer

Dear Dalers,

Welcome back! I had a daleriffic summer soaking my paws in the cold beach water! I sweated my tail off all summer! The hotter the summer is, the better it is! However, I was so ready to get back to the cold weather and start school! I missed my Daler buddies so much! The last weeks have been roaring with Daler pride. Students have been getting ready for homecoming. Dance routines are being learned, stunts are being are performed, and floats are being made. The football players have been conditioning since the middle of the summer and are now ready to play their best game yet. The Student Government Association and student councils have been crafting and organizing as much as they can. The band and Dalerettes went to band camp for almost a week to get their routine down pat. We are on a Daler roll! I  am so excited to show off my pawesome moves in front of the Farmingdale School district! I have been hanging at with Johnny the Thunderbird from St. John’s during the summer and he has been showing me new tricks. Hopefully my Daler buddies will love them!

Homecoming is October 5th. Everyone should attend to show school spirit and support. But, they should really be there because I’m there. And I’m a pretty cool lion. I can’t wait to see the roaring crowds and the Daler pride take action. I will be throwing out Daler t-shirts and lion stuffed animals that look exactly like me! So, be there or be square! ROARRR!



            Dale the Lion