How to Survive Junior Year

Grace Hungerford, Staff Writer

          Junior year is often called one of the hardest years of high school. Between taking the SATs, APs and ACTs, stress is hard to dodge. Here are 4 tips to help you survive junior year.

1.Do your homework and takes notes in class.

Getting all your homework in on time and all the time will help raise your average. If you write the notes down or type on your Chromebook, you are paying attention in class, which also helps with your participation grade. Writing down the notes in class helps you to memorize the material. Once you have your notes written it is a good reference for studying.

2. Get a good night’s rest.

Yes, we all love coffee and rely on it too much. Make sure you are getting at least seven hours of sleep a night! Without the sleep your body needs, you will not be able to pay attention in class or even get up for school the next morning.

3. Do not fall behind your work.

Again, junior year is most likely is the most difficult year of high school. That being said, teachers will pile on the work, so it is easy to procrastinate. Do not let yourself fall behind on your work. The day you get the assignment go home and start it. This will help your brain remember you have an assignment and remind you to work on it every day. You can also use a planner as a helpful tool to keep a running list of things you need to complete.

4. Friends are IMPORTANT

School does come first but always let yourself rest and hang out with your friends on the weekends. Studies say that seeing your friends and hanging out with them releases stress. Interaction with others is key!

5. Seek out help when you need it.

At Farmingdale High School, there are many people here to help you survive 11th grade. Your first stop is your guidance counselor. If you have any school-related stress, they are there and willing to help. The second stop is the social worker. Mrs. Vega and Ms. Morales’ doors are always open to talk about school, sports, and even your life outside of school.

          So here is the recap: stay on top of work whether it is homework or a big assignment, always get a good night’s rest and don’t forget about your friends! All together, junior year is going to be stressful regardless,  but just think about the exciting things coming up like prom and being able to drive. Soon enough, senior year will be here and you will look back on how you conquered junior year!