Game Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Christopher Pruchnick, Staff Writer

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a fairly new game, released on September 7th, but it has already made a name for itself as one of the best Spider-Man games ever made. The developers, Insomniac Games, have put so much work into this game and it definitely shows in its features, including the gameplay and story mode.

The game starts off with one of the three main characters, Peter Parker, waking up to a police alert on his phone. One of his enemies, Wilson Fisk (A.K.A Kingpin), is finally about to be arrested for all of the shady things he has done. The game then wastes no time showing off it’s amazing mechanics as Peter dives out of his window fully suited up, ready to start web swinging as Alive by Warbly Jets plays. The swinging in the game is fully physics and momentum-based, meaning that the sooner you let go, the faster you will go and vice versa. During the next scene of the game, the fighting and dodging mechanics are shown. You will have to take on four or five enemies, but don’t worry, the game will pause itself to show you what to do and how to do it. When you finally get to Fisk Tower, you will have to fight through waves of enemies, slowly working your way up until you reach Kingpin himself. This is the first boss fight and is nothing short of awesome. You need to use tricks to destroy the gatling guns that Fisk has in his office. Once you do, hand-to-hand combat  follows. He is a tank of a character and you must use your web shooters to stop him in his tracks while also utilizing things scattered around the map to daze him.

Once you complete the first mission you meet Peter’s boss, Otto Octavius.  During this part of the game, you must figure out what goes where and learn how to fix a robotic arm. These parts of the game are both simple and a bit annoying because it requires pattern making and determining what fits where. After you finish Otto’s part of the beginning, you can either just mess around on the map or keep playing the missions.Due to the fact that it’s an open world game, most people go for the first option. The entire map of NYC is amazing and holds a lot of big and small Easter eggs. It also holds various collectables and side missions. Some of the collectables are Peter Parker’s backpacks (which unlocks a suit if you get all 50), Black Cat missions, Kingpin base wipes, taking pictures of special landmarks, etc. One of the more obvious Easter eggs is the big Avengers Tower. A couple of the smaller ones that are more difficult to find are a Matt Murdock reference and a Damage Control reference.

Though I only wrote about the first mission, I can say that I finished the game. I can also say that the game is one of the best releases to the Spider-Man game franchise ever. I personally give this a game a 9.5/10 because of its amazing story, mechanics, wide free roam map, incredible acting, and the fact it makes you feel like Spider-Man.

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