USMNT Great Retires at age of 35

Tyler Solis, Staff Writer

Clint Dempsey is an American-born attacker who played for the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT), the New England Revolution (MLS), Fulham (EPL), the Tottenham Hotspurs (EPL), and the Seattle Sounders (MLS). Clint Dempsey, born in Nacogdoches,Texas, started with the New England Revolution 2004 and ended his career with the Seattle Sounders in 2018. Dempsey had a wonderful 14 year career playing soccer in the US and in England.

Dempsey is one of the best players that was born in the USA. According to Bleacher Report, Clint Dempsey is joint-top scorer in USMNT history with 57 international goals. Dempsey shares the record with Landon Donovan, having  scored 57 goals in 141 appearances while Landon Donovan also has 57 goals, but in 157 appearances. He also holds the record for the fastest American goal in World Cup history with a goal in the opening game against Ghana in 2014; he has most World Cup qualifying appearances for the USMNT with 43 appearances; most goals scored in any top-tier European league with 72 Premier League goals in his career with Fulham and Tottenham; and he is the first American player to score a hat-trick in Premier League game.  Clint Dempsey scored 60 goals in 220 games for Fulham and scored 12 goals in 43 games for Tottenham. The American attacker has also won the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year 3 times (2007,2011,2012). When Clint Dempsey returned back to the MLS, he immediately made an impact. He was a part of the MLS Cup-winning Seattle Sounders in 2016.

Clint Dempsey has scored some memorable goals. One of them was the goal he scored

against Juventus in the round-of-16 of the Europa League In 2010. At the time, Dempsey was playing with Fulham. In the 71st minute, he was subbed into a tie game with 19 minutes left to go in the game; 11 minutes later he scored to put Fulham up 5-4 on aggregate. Dempsey attempted a chip shot for outside the box at a very difficult angle. Dempsey helped win the most famous win for Fulham in its 131-year history. According to Deadspin, he has played 7 seasons in the Premier League and played 8 seasons in the MLS.

Clint Dempsey was an amazing player at the club level and at the international level as well. Dempsey has been past his prime for years now but is still helping the national team. He helps young players develop into complete players and transition to the national game. He was an electric striker that helped the sport of soccer spread throughout the USA.


* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license