New York City in Pictures

Jessica Mannhaupt, Staff Writer

The two figures of liberty are trying to get through the day by creating unforgettable experiences for tourists. However, in the foreground, a local New Yorker ignores the constant tourist attractions as he attempts to persevere through his work day. The contrast between tourists and everyday New Yorkers is significantly apparent from the first step you take on the worn down concrete. It is fascinating to think that the man ignoring the tourists lives a completely different lifestyle than they do, and yet these people’s lives are connected by this bright city with thousands of opportunities.


The working man carries on with this dreary day, pushing crates of what may be various  items for his work. The tourist behind him contrasts with the working man’s life by experiencing the vivid scenes that come along with the city that never sleeps. You can hear the typical sounds of the urban surroundings in the background. The sounds of shoes hitting the wet ground, wheels turning on bicycles, horns blaring, and umbrellas opening to block the rain. Although the day is grim, the hectic, urban tone does not waver. Life does not pause because of a drowsy day. The buildings will keep evolving. The pavement will be touched by soles of thousands of shoes each day. This is the beauty of New Yorkers: nothing will hinder their work ethic and determination.



Through the front window of the bus, the windshield wipers clear your view of the police officer. His work revolves around protecting and guiding the public. The city traffic is focused on his directions and hand signals. Behind him is a New York City bus, commuting the public through the urban streets. Men and women of all different ethnicities and backgrounds ride this bus and take this commute every day. Their workday or day of exploration depends on the driver’s actions. The driver’s actions depend on the police officer’s hand signals. We are all connected through the actions of others, regardless of our differences and individuality.