It’s Elmo’s World, and We All Just Live in It

Nathaniel Trees, Staff Writer

Not all people my age seem to know the value of sharing, forgiveness, and love. But I do. Elmo taught me.

Although my life is spent in a human body that has the privilege of senses and real emotion, I still find myself flawed, while Elmo is an illusory being of cloth and string that has a peaceful ability to love, share, and forgive. Despite his artificial vessel, Elmo’s feelings of love and kindness are arguably more real than any simple mortal. So while we sad humans jeer and hiss at each other with hurtful words, Elmo’s world (see what I did) is a pure and sweet land of milk and honey. Every time that I look between the violence and corruption of reality and the heavenly dream that is Elmo’s world (there it is again), I’m amazed by  how far we’ve strayed from Elmo’s teachings and how to be so forgiving of others; Elmo shares a fragment of his perfect world with us.

Embracing our mistakes, Elmo has introduced us to numerous methods to brighten the world, from teaching others like the Cookie Monster to share, to showing Oscar the Grouch that sometimes, all we need is a hug. So you might be wondering: why isn’t the world a better place with all of Elmo’s teachings? He’s already forgiven so many of those who’ve wronged him, shared with those who wouldn’t share with him, and unconditionally loved every child who’s ever seen a single episode of Sesame Street, from the Americas and Europe to Africa and Asia, even Australia. Elmo is the perfect example of virtue and we should all be doing things exactly like him, regarding him as the precedent for all positive behavior.

Remember: Elmo Loves You.