Feminist Movements Around the World

Kasiya Lamberty, Staff Writer

The momentum of feminist movements is picking up as people gain the courage to speak up against inequality among the genders.  People worldwide are taking the initiative to lessen the gap between the genders by holding protests, starting campaigns, and bringing to light issues that are in need of immediate solutions.

The Middle East began to make progress in women’s rights this past year, according to CNN. In Saudi Arabia, the ban on women driving was lifted, allowing females to drive for the first time. In the past, women in Saudi Arabia depended on chauffeurs or male relatives to drive them to their destinations. Now they’re able to take the wheel, with not only women, but many men supporting their strides towards equality as well.

In South Korea, thousands of outraged women took to the streets in protest, according to the BBC. This is the result of the discovery of spy cams in public bathrooms, changing rooms, and other places. These devices captured images and violated the privacy of women, which sparked anger throughout the country.

The “take off the corset” movement is another campaign by South Korean women to resist unfair beauty standards. This does not suggest to remove an actual corset, but rather to bring to light the restraints beauty standards place on women. Some women are taking measures such as cutting or shaving their hair, destroying their makeup, burning skirts and heels, and more. The goal of this is to get rid of anything that limits women from expressing themselves or forces them to abide by ridiculous beauty standards at the expense of their own self worth.

In Spain, around 5 million workers decided to “walk out” and held Spain’s first ever nationwide feminist strike. Some protestors blocked the railway line and disrupted traffic in central Barcelona; other protestors and students picketed universities and female journalists refused to set foot in newsrooms or studios, according to Els Pais.

These movements popping up worldwide are serving as a way to level the playing field for everyone, no matter their gender. By bringing awareness to the flaws in society, we’re finding solutions and promising a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where people challenge the outdated gender molds.