Steppin’ with the Dalers

Escarlet Tavarez, Staff Writer

The Steppin’ Dalers are always a crowd favorite at school events. Although not everyone considers it a sport, it is still tough, and it’s also most definitely fun.

Step dance is a form of dance in which people use their bodies as instruments to make music. It is all based on footwork and cool hand movements. You learn how to develop rhythm and beat, but in order to do so, you need to work your hardest and learn things quickly. It’s great exercise, helps you with coordination, and teaches you how to put things together. Step requires memorization and hard work; sometimes you even have to put in more work after practice. Former captain Kendrah Buck comments, “Step is more than just dancing or doing flips to numerous songs. Instead of dancing to the music, we make the music with our own bodies. I feel like that’s why people are always so intrigued whenever they see someone stepping. It’s something so different and unique that you don’t always see. Being a stepper takes a lot of focus because not everyone can keep up with the tempo and match and hit every clap. It’s more than just keeping up a rhythm, step requires a lot of precision, concentration, and good kinesthetic abilities.”

Step is also a great way to build friendships and gain more confidence as well. Former stepper Zipporah Muse says, “Step is unique because it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and encourages you to make new friends.” Last year was my first time being part of the Steppin’ Dalers and everyone was very supportive and treated each other like family. No matter our differences or arguments at step, it was nothing but great vibes. We are a team that sticks together and everyone who sees our routine loves it!

At this year’s pep rally, everyone was excited to see us perform. Preparing for a pep rally is very stressful and of course, scary. No one wants to mess up in front of a bunch of people. Making sure your timing is correct and matches everyone else’s is very important! One little mistake can make the whole routine sound “pop corny” as the captains and coaches say. Repeating this constantly can be very tiring and painful. I mean think about it … slapping your legs, clapping your hands, hitting your chest and jumping. Coming home every day from step makes your body feel drained and sore, but the outcome of the step routine is accomplishing and exciting. Even though it’s tough, we all enjoy ourselves and have fun. Not only did we perform at the Pep Rally on October 5th, but we also performed during spirit week at several different schools in the district as well.

A lot of people don’t see the tough work we put in beforehand, but we always kill it when we perform. So watch out for the Steppin’ Dalers!

* Photo Courtesy of Lifetouch